ANPR Secure Entry Management

iAM  (intelligent access management) is a smart gate and barrier control system.

The system uses Smart spectral headlamp technology which ensures trouble free operation day and night.

iAM monitors and operates gates and barriers for vehicles with known registrations.

The system can be easily added to existing automated gates and barriers

iAM decides who can come in and who cannot.

You decide when someone can or can’t come in, you no longer need to leave gates open all day for access.

Added security

iAM lets you setup ENTRY and NO ENTRY groups for different visitors allowing access one time of the day but not another, for example:

Staff – Customers – Cleaners – Manager s– Contractors

You decide…

More control

iAM keeps a complete log of every single vehicle that approaches your gates it logs all of the vehicles that approach the gate with an image of the vehicle and its registration number.

Receive alerts when selected vehicles approach the premises.

Simply and easily add new vehicles with any additional information you may require.

Constant monitoring and recording

Even if the gates are open, the system will still be monitoring and recording a log of all visitors,

Time intime out – date with an image of the vehicle and its registration number.

Create activity reports over days, months or even years.

Best of all, once installed, it’s incredibly simple and easy to use.
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